Highly-precise, robust and maintenance-free 1D distance measurements for short, medium and long ranges - with an accuracy in the millimeter domain.

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Small. Affordable. Precise.
The new entry-level model from Symeo

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Precise, robust and reliable distance measurements and data transmission

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Symeo GmbH

Your partner for state-of-the-art sensor technology

We develop and manufacture next-level-radar sensors as well as complete radio-based systems for position detection and distance measurement in real time for industrial applications. In addition, we offer reliable solutions for collision avoidance. Nationally and internationally, we work closely with original equipment manufacturers, system integrators and technology partners.

Symeo on Air

Radar technology for demanding measurement tasks

In an interview with SPS reporter René Travnicek, Symeo Head of Sales Benjamin Wuttke introduces the company Symeo, talks about the future of radar sensor technology and explains Symeo's next level radar sensors. In addition, discover the unrivaled advantages of radar sensors in challenging environments in a live demonstration.

Radar – Key Technology of the Future

Why is there still a need for radar sensors? Why is radar constantly pioneering new areas of application when there are already mature optical sensors? The answer is: radar technology brings with it various properties which, compared to other technologies, have considerable advantages that are often without any alternative. In particular, the high robustness, reliability and freedom from maintenance when used in harsh environments should be mentioned.