Reliable multi-level anti-collision system for cranes at different heights, including integrated communication functionality

Safe and reliable work flows and efficient operational processes while protecting people and machines

Symeo´s new multi-level anti-collision system for cranes increases workplace safety and allows optimal monitoring of your operational processes. The anti-collision solution relies on continuous tracking of all crane positions to prevent collisions and avoid costly production downtime, even when cranes operate at different heights. Configure your own warning and stop zones and flexibly change restricted areas - as often as you want and without additional costs.

Movie Collision Avoidance of Cranes at Different Heights:

The Power of Radar: Crane Anti-Collision with LPR®-1D24

The new anti-collision system from Symeo tracks not only cranes at different heights, but also vehicles such as railbound transfer cars coming in from the side.

Another special feature of Symeo´s anti-collision solution is that in addition to determining the exact position of the crane or crane trolley, the system can simultaneously transmit the crane measurement data using only a single wireless sensor. A separate communication system is not required. The positioning and data transmission functions are integrated in a single device.

How Symeo´s innovative multi-level crane anti-collision system functions:

The crane position is determined dynamically with continuous distance measurements - such as to adjacent walls or cranes - using Symeo LPR®-1D24 wireless sensors. The wireless distance measurements are based on Symeo´s patented LPR® technology, which operates in the license-free 24 GHz ISM band. Since the measurement antenna is integrated in the 1D24 housing, it only takes an approximate alignment of the wireless sensors to receive precise measurement results.

All of the crane measurement data can be read by any 1D24 station and forwarded via wireless communication. The system is flexible enough to incorporate and output other raw data, such as crane movements.

A direct relay switch makes it possible to implement the system without additional programmable controls (PLC). Using the Collision Control Center, which can be called up in a web browser, the 1D24 units can be easily commissioned. This eliminates the need for detailed programming knowledge or the installation of separate software.

The Collision Control Center (CCC), a modular assistance system, assumes responsibility for the central management tasks and enables interaction with the user. All of the devices are configured, updated and monitored through the CCC, which can be easily called up via a web browser interface without installing special software.

In the CCC, the individual crane anti-collision environment can be simulated and stored. Cranes can be prevented from crossing over restricted areas by configuring individual safety zones.

Please note, that the crane positioning is calculated in the respective 1D24 wall stations, separate from the CCC. If necessary, the wall stations send collision warning signals to the remaining 1D24 units on the cranes. This ensures that the anti-collision system continues to function reliably even in case of a CCC outage.

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Your Benefits
  • Increased operational and workplace safety
  • Control of (semi-)automated processes
  • Reliable anti-collision solution based on continuous monitoring of crane movements
  • Safe and reliable goods handling
  • Efficient production processes
  • Low total cost of ownership by bundling different functions in a single system