Reliable Data Management and Highly-Precise Position Detection

Reliable data transmission and cross-border energy consumption tracking

Symeo GmbH develops and markets robust, certified telemetry units and communication gateways designed specifically for reliable, seamless data transmission and position detection applications. Symeo boasts extensive experience in the development of data communication solutions, equipment testing and certification. The wireless sensor and telemetry units, which feature integrated LPR® and GNSS positioning technology, can be deployed in a variety of applications.

Symeo telemetry solutions are well-suited for all types of buses and rail systems, both regional and European cross-border, as well as for industrial vehicles and cranes. Because of the robust design, Symeo products promise permanent and reliable operation in harsh environments and extreme weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

Symeo also supplies complete energy metering systems with integrated position detection (GNSS) and data transmission capability for rail vehicles. In a joint project, Symeo co-developed the "railpower box" energy metering system together with and for Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). This innovation is one of the first energy metering systems certified in accordance with EN 50463 and developed in line with the European rail system Technical Specification for Interoperability (TSI). The system is made up of three individual components - energy meter, GNSS receiver and mobile radio modem - that can be incorporated into a single housing or installed separately on the locomotive.

The heart of the railpower box is the DATROS data handling system, a special version of the Symeo Telemetry Unit (STU) that not only reliably transmits the energy consumption tracking data, but also precisely detects the position of the train. Measurement data can be stored for up to one year. A graphical HTML interface provides simple and fast commissioning. The telemetry and position detection unit can be enhanced and delivered according to specific customer requirements. For more information, simply get in touch with us.

Symeo products can be deployed everywhere, even in tunnels, vehicle depots and train stations.

The Symeo telemetry solutions are suitable for:

  • All types of buses, trams, commuter trains and subway trains
  • Industrial vehicles and cranes
  • Regional and long-distance rail traffic

STU                              DATROS         
Measurement technology
Certifications/Conformity CE, FCC, IC 50121, 50155, EN 45545
Interfaces digital/analog I/Os digital/analog I/Os; energy metering
Protection class IP65 IP65



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Reliable Data Management
and Precise Train Tracking