Press release: Symeo provides Rail Cargo Austria with complete position and load detection solution

RAIL CARGO AUSTRIA to fit container terminals with scalable Symeo sensor equipment solution

Neubiberg (Germany), May 20, 2010 – Rail Cargo Austria (RCA) has fitted their Wels container terminal with a complete sensor equipment solution from Symeo. The solution includes all components for GNSS based position detection of reach stackers and gantry cranes as well as for load detection on the units' spreaders. Now RCA is planning to roll out Symeo sensor equipment step by step in all terminals that they have in operation.

After successful completion of pilot operations at the Wels terminal location of Rail Cargo Austria (RCA) plans have consecutively been made to fit all RCA's terminals with Symeo's positioning systems. A technology provider specialising in radio based solutions for distance measurement, position detection and anti collision, Symeo will be providing an integrated solution composed of radio based GNSS positioning for vehicles and cranes and load recording sensors used for container detection on the spreaders and connected by ZigBee close range wireless links.

While this system breaks new ground in many respects, Rail Cargo Austria, the terminal operator, Symeo, one-stop-shop for the state-of-the-art sensor solution, and Vienna based SCOPE Consulting Unternehmensberatung, supplier of the terminal's IT system, succeeded in meeting all RCA's requirements in the best possible way through close cooperation.

A particular advantage of the elaborated solution lies in its scalability and extendibility. It can be deployed on sites of any size and independently of vehicle and crane type and, when upgraded with Symeo LPR®, can also be used in areas that cannot be reached by GNSS signals. "The Symeo positioning system is working very reliably at the Wels terminal", Erich Possegger from Rail Cargo Austria states. "Apart from the systems' ruggedness, Symeo's expertise in elaborating a new solution exactly to meet our requirements was very convincing for us. Furthermore, by combining the GNSS solution with LPR®, Symeo succeeds in ensuring reliable position detection even in areas where no GNSS signals can be received."


In 2004, Vienna based Rail Cargo Austria AG was established by the Austrian Railways (Österreichische Bundesbahnen – ÖBB) as a self-contained spin-off of their rail cargo department and it is part of the ÖBB group. Since then, the company has grown into an international logistics group with manifold activities. Annually, the highly structured enterprise moves about 90 million tonnes of goods and generates some 2.5 billion euros of revenue, about 2 billion of which from actual freight transport. Rail Cargo Austria operates a total of 18 intermodal container terminals domestically and abroad for cargo transit between rail and road.


About Symeo GmbH

Symeo GmbH develops and markets products and solutions for precise, contact-free and maintenance-free position detection, distance measurement and collision avoidance of road/rail vehicles and cranes. Furthermore, the company develops certified, customer-specific telemetry and smart metering solutions. Products from Symeo are designed to be especially robust for applications in rough environments.

With its LPR® products, Symeo offers a wireless-based, real-time-capable measurement system that is ideally suited for industrial applications. Symeo has several years of experience in the development of cost-effective, customer-specific industrial solutions on the basis of LPR® and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems GPS, Glonass and Galileo) positioning technology.

The company delivers standardized products and complete solutions to system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end customers worldwide.


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Image source: Rail Cargo Austria AG

Containers handled using reach stackers and gantry cranes at the Rail Cargo Austria´s Wels intermodal terminal.

Image source: Rail Cargo Austria AG/Symeo GmbH

Along with the vehicle´s GNSS position data, additional sensor data indicating load changes and container sizes are recorded with the help of the Symeo base station and transmittel to the operation terminal in the driver´s cab using ZigBee wireless.
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