Press release: launch of first major 24 GHz project in South Korea

Hyundai Steel Company commissions Symeo GmbH for crane positioning in rolling mill

Neubiberg (Germany), April 06, 2016 –
Hyundai Steel Company, established as Korea´s first steelmaker in 1953, has commissioned Symeo GmbH to localize 28 cranes at the company´s special steel rolling mill in Dangjin, South Korea. In an environment where dirt, dust, vibrations and heat complicate reliable crane positioning by using common technologies such as laser systems, Hyundai Steel now uses Symeo´s robust radar positioning systems, which work independently of these environmental conditions. The tracking solution, already implemented at Dangjin, is not only the partner´s first joint project of Hyundai Steel and Symeo, but the first major project involving the new LPR®-1D24 wireless system from Symeo, which was launched in 2015.

As a part of the Hyundai-Kia Motor Group, Hyundai Steel is heavily engaged in the development of next generation steel for future automotive industry as well as for the ship building industry. In the special steel rolling mill in Dangjin, South Korea, products such as hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanized steel sheets are manufactured by the one-stop production system, which integrates all production processes, from raw materials to finished products. Overhead cranes transport the steel during the various stages of production.

First joint localization project

To precisely track the position of the overhead cranes, as well as of the raw materials and steel products, Hyundai Steel commissioned radar and GNSS expert Symeo GmbH to create a robust, fail-safe and highly-accurate positioning and telemetry solution. Even in the harsh environment of the rolling mill, Hyundai Steel needs to accurately detect the crane and steel positions on a continuous basis – in real-time – to avoid downtimes and to make the logistics and production processes more efficient, cost effective and safer.

Crane tracking with robust 24 GHz wireless sensors

Symeo´s LPR®-1D24 wireless sensors use the 24 GHz radio band without interference from WiFi networks. The robust system reliably detects the X and Y crane positions even in an environment where dust, dirt, extreme temperatures and vibrations are common. Thanks to the integrated diversity antenna into the sensor and the use of several parallel measuring channels, multipath effects are eliminated, which can cause inaccurate measurements. A user-friendly web interface simplifies installation of the individual sensors.

Symeo positioning solutions are deployed worldwide in the steel industry

More than 80 steel companies worldwide have already equipped over 800 cranes and vehicles with indoor and outdoor radar- and satellite-based Symeo positioning solutions. The Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) are used for applications such as coal handling, hot slab handling and rolling operations in order to improve the quality of production, logistic and automation processes.

About Symeo GmbH

Symeo GmbH develops and markets products and solutions for precise, contact-free and maintenance-free position detection, distance measurement and collision avoidance of road/rail vehicles and cranes. Furthermore, the company develops certified, customer-specific telemetry solutions. Products from Symeo are designed to be especially robust for applications in rough environments.

With its LPR® products, Symeo offers a wireless-based, real-time-capable measurement system that is ideally suited for industrial applications. Symeo has several years of experience in the development of cost-effective, customer-specific industrial solutions on the basis of LPR® and GNSS positioning technology (GNSS = Global Navigation Satellite Systems GPS, Glonass and Galileo).

The company delivers standardized products and complete solutions to system integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end customers worldwide.

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Overhead cranes transport raw materials and steel products in rolling mills.

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To detect the exact crane position without being impacted by the dirt, dust, vibrations and heat in its rolling mill in Dangjin, South Korea, Hyundai Steel relies on Symeo´s robust LPR®-1D24 radar sensors.

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