Success Story with automatiX GmbH and Holcim (Schweiz) AG

Robust Radar Positioning of the Crane Bridge and Crane Trolley and Automation in a Cement Plant

Symeo radar sensor LPR®-1DHP (mounted on a metal beam)
Overhead crane of Holcim (Schweiz) AG with wireless LPR®-1DHP sensor
One pair of robust sensors measures the distance for exact positioning

"For us, a major benefit of the radar-based Symeo solution is the high availability of the system, which operates reliably even in our challenging environment."
(Holcim (Schweiz) AG)

The challenge:
The Holcim (Schweiz) AG cement factory in Siggenthal manufactures clinker from limestone, an intermediate product in cement production made inside a rotary kiln at high temperatures. The clinker is temporarily stored in a hall together with gypsum and limestone. An overhead crane collects these materials and transports them separately to a cement grinding facility. The crane system had been equipped with the robotics software from automatiX GmbH some time ago. In order to precisely track the crane movements, both companies sought a reliable positioning solution for the crane bridge and crane trolley. One of the special challenges involved the high levels of dust and grime created by the clinker manufacturing process. These environmental conditions made it impossible to utilize laser positioning. Furthermore, mechanical positioning solutions proved to be prone to wear and tear over time.

The solution: Symeo’s radar-based positioning system, which is resistant to dust, dirt and vibrations, continuously tracks the crane bridge and trolley position in the clinker hall with centimeter-accuracy and without incurring downtime for any service or cleaning. One pair of LPR®-1DHP 61 GHz sensors capture the crane position, a second pair of sensors capture the trolley position - in real-time and by using the patented LPR® radar technology. The system is completely maintenance-free. The positioning data is captured and processed in an industrial PC via a field bus interface with the robotics database software from automatiX.

The project´s success: Holcim (Schweiz) AG has been using the robust radar positioning system from Symeo at its cement plant since December 2015. Since the installation, downtime caused by mechanical failures or costly maintenance have not occured. The result is an efficient and reliable robotics system in the clinker hall.

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Facts & Figures
  • Contactless, highly-precise and reliable radio position detection in a challenging mining environment
  • Radar measurement unaffected by dirt, dust and vibrations
  • Robust housing of the radar sensor LPR®-1DHP
  • Maintenance- and wear-free
  • Simple data integration via field bus interface to the robotics database software from automatiX