Success Story with Hafengesellschaft Brunsbüttel mbH

Wheel Loader Tracking in Bulk Material Handling

Symeo antennas (mounted on the vehicle)
Wheel loaders for bulk material handling
Symeo transponder

"With several hundred transport jobs a day, the chances for unwanted mistakes are quite good. Tracking the vehicle position and confirming the right pick-up and discharge point is a great support for our drivers in our zero-fault operation." (Hafengesellschaft Brunsbüttel mbH)

The challenge:
Hafengesellschaft Brunsbüttel mbH operates the Elbehafen, a multi-purpose port with direct access to the North Sea and Baltic Sea. The port offers full scale services with materials handling, storage and transport. For their customer Norddeutsche Affinerie AG (NA), the largest copper producer in Europe, Hafengesellschaft Brunsbüttel has built a new hall to store copper concentrate arriving by cargo vessel. The concentrates are kept correctly sorted until blended and sent to Hamburg for further processing according to NA´s requirements. The correct mixing ratio for all deliveries is a key quality criteria.

The solution: The wheel loaders that commission the various concentrates receive their transport orders from a central dispatch control. The loaders then pick up the bulk concentrate at the respective storage compartments and discharge it at a predetermined in-feed hopper. To ensure the correct mixing ratio, the positions of the loaders are continuously tracked by LPR®-2D. The source and destination of each transport job is thus compared with the actual loader positions - loading wrong concentrate or dumping it into a wrong hopper is actively avoided by the Symeo tracking sensors.

The project´s success: Symeo´s maintenance free radio technology is not susceptible to the high amount of dust ubiquitous in the hall with fine-grained copper concentrate. Deliveries with an inaccurate mixing ratio have been avoided from day 1 of the operation onwards.

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Facts & Figures
  • Standard Symeo LPR®-2D sensor components
  • Real-time tracking of all wheel loaders
  • Reliable under the extreme amount of abrasive dust
  • Dimensions of storage hall 240 x 70 m
  • Maintenance-free