Success Story with ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

Reliable Data Management and Precise Train Tracking

Energy measurement systems railpower box and railpower box mini
Exact tracking of trains thanks to integrated GNSS positioning module
Embedded Symeo telemetry unit DATROS

"Symeo‘s proven engineering quality made it our partner of choice. The company‘s ability to flexibly respond to specific customer demands, not to mention its willingness to assume responsibility for a myriad of tasks ranging from development of individual hardware and software sub-components, to homologation, certification and production of the railpower box, also appealed to our needs." (ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG)

The challenge:
To ensure interoperability of its expansive rail network, Europe created a series of technical guidelines, including EN 50463, UIC leaflet 930 and TSI Loc&Pas, which must be adhered to when developing and manufacturing energy measurement systems. Against this backdrop, Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB set out to develop a measurement system that takes these standards into account while satisfying the comprehensive requirements of today’s rail technology. The system needed to not only perform cross-border energy accounting, but also be capable of reliably tracking the location of the company’s trains.

The solution: The „railpower box”, especially designed for and co-developed by ÖBB, is one of the first systems to be certified in line with EN 50463. Apart from developing individual hardware and software elements, Symeo GmbH assumed responsibility for certification and production. The heart of the railpower box is Symeo’s DATROS, one of the first data handling systems to comply with Europe’s rail technology homologation requirements. DATROS also enables highly-precise and reliable GNSS-based train positioning. The measurement data can be stored for up to one year.

The project´s success: As of 2014, ÖBB had installed the energy measurement system in 100 of its long distance and regional trains. Until March 2016, more than 1.200 railpower boxes were sold by ÖBB across Europe. With the 2016 newly developed „railpower box mini”, a more compact version of the energy measurement system is now available. The railpower box mini is equipped with additional interfaces such as a second LAN port making it even easier to integrate the system into existing rail vehicle infrastructures. Moreover, a USB interface allows the telemetry data to be displayed externally with a USB Bluetooth converter.

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Facts & Figures
  • Development, certification and production of energy measurement systems
  • Customer-specific hardware and software development
  • Certified data handling system/telemetry unit according to EN 50463
  • Integrated GNSS positioning module for train localization
  • High-performance processor, prepared for future requirements
  • Data can be saved for up to one year
  • Remote updates and maintenance
  • Easy startup via HTML-interface