Success Story with Rotterdam ShortSea Terminals B.V.

Absolute Position Measurement for Ship-to-Shore Crane Trolleys

Container movements in the Rotterdamer yard
Target: more efficient loading/unloading processes
Solution: radar sensors LPR®-1DHP for position detection of the trolley

"Because the Symeo sensors provide us reliable and easy-to-use information about the position of the crane trolley, the quality of our loading processes is at all-time high." (Rotterdam ShortSea Terminals B.V.)

The challenge:
Rotterdam ShortSea Terminals B.V. (RST) operates one of Europe’s largest short sea shipping container terminals. To ensure smooth, problem-free loading and unloading of the sea and inland ships that dock at the Port of Rotterdam, crane operators of Ship-to-Shore cranes need to know the exact position of the trolleys. To date, the position of the crane trolleys has been measured with an encoder system that relies on magnetic reference markers, a system that has proven to be high-maintenance. Complicating this approach even further is the fact that transmission and conversion of the measurement data is susceptible to interference.

The solution: In contrast to encoder systems, the Symeo LPR®-1DHP wireless sensor solution contains no movable parts, making it free from wear and tear. The centimeter-precise positioning of the crane trolley requires only two Symeo sensors. One device is installed on the crane trolley and another on the end of the jib. The system measures the signal travel time of a 61 GHz radio signal to determine the distance between the two sensors in real-time. The measurement data is fed directly into the RST network via a standard TCP/IP interface.

The project´s success: Since utilizing the Symeo wireless sensors, costly crane downtime due to missing measurement data, as well as the labor-intensive maintenance, is meanwhile a thing of the past. After initially equipping one crane with the Symeo technology, plans are in place to retrofit a total of 11 cranes at the company’s own terminal and at a terminal operated by a subsidiary.

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Facts & Figures
  • Reliable real-time measurements via wireless technology
  • Easy data access via the sensors mounted on the jib and crane trolley
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easily installed on any types of cranes
  • Weather/dirt/vibration resistant
  • Easily retrofitted