Success Story with Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH and GIPA mbh

Anti Collision System for Gantry and Overhead Cranes with Redundantly Designed Distance Measurement

Symeo transponder
Gantry crane at Salzgitter Flachstahl
Symeo transponder

"It is crucial that the sensor technology is suited for use with industrial-grade components in outdoor locations. [...] Symeo’s distance measuring system is the only solution on the market that fulfils the high standards of this safety-oriented application. With LPR®, you don‘t have to wait until an object is close by or visual contact is made before measurement can begin. LPR® enables measurement over large distances of several hundred meters. This is the only way to enable continuous and exact distance measurement, which allows the entire system to be monitored for constant, accurate and consistent functionality." (GIPA mbh)

The challenge:
Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, the largest steel subsidiary in the Salzgitter Group, produces about 4.6 million tonnes of steel each year. With its extensive investments in new plant technology, Salzgitter Flachstahl guarantees compliance with all quality standards into the future. The company also sets the highest standards of safety for its workers while simultaneously maintaining high workflow efficiency. For this reason, potential crane collisions must be recognised and avoided without exception.

The solution: An automatic anti-collision system is to guarantee complete protection from collisions. The redundantly designed system should deliver constant position data in the close-up range, including data monitoring at any distance between the individual cranes in the input stock area of the hot strip mill. GIPA mbH, the company commissioned to implement the project, has been utilizing Symeo LPR® sensor technology to ensure absolutely fail-safe operation.

The project´s success: LPR® sensors attached to gantry and overhead travelling cranes provide paired measurements of their relative distance and speed to one another at rates of up to thirty times a second. Two sensor pairs enable redundant measurements, ensuring maximum data quality and fail-safe collision avoidance. The project’s success up to now and the fail-safe anti-collision system were convincing: Symeo sensor technology will be used to upgrade additional cranes.

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Facts & Figures
  • Redundant sensor technology based on the Symeo LPR®-1D system
  • Constant position and movement determination
  • Measuring range between objects up to 1,800 m apart
  • Complete fail-safe solution