Success Story with voestalpine Stahl

Collision Warning System at voestalpine Stahl

Crane with hot slab
Radar-based Symeo LPR® system
Reliable collision warning system

The challenge:
Vehicles and cranes move at a fast pace in the hot slab storage area at voestalpine Stahl GmbH. A large number of cranes and heavy-duty vehicles move around in a relatively confined space. From an occupational safety perspective, there was a need to provide drivers and crane operators with technical support in order to avoid collisions that may have serious consequences.

The solution: The solution is a collision warning system based on Symeo’s LPR®. The permanently-installed LPR® transponders and LPR® modules on every crane and slab transporter transmit the participant’s position to the warning system and radio it to the other participants. This information is used to calculate movement directions and speed locally, creating a dynamic safety zone around each vehicle that controls the warning signals.

The project´s success: An easy-to-understand visualization of the vehicle position and surrounding obstacles on six-inch displays provides excellent orientation for drivers and crane operators. A tiered system with visual and acoustic warnings alerts participants to any collision dangers. In cooperation with the customer, the system was set up in a practice-oriented manner so as not to unnecessarily disturb production and slab transporting with superfluous warnings. The decentralised collision warning system at voestalpine is proving to be highly robust, failsafe and maintenance-low, and it is a valuable addition to driver cabs across the steel works.

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Facts & Figures
  • Collision warning system for cranes and slab transporters based on Symeo LPR®
  • Visual and acoustic warnings alert drivers and crane operators
  • Completely decentralised system: WiFi-independent communication via ZigBee (2.4 GHz) using the Symeo data protocol
  • 100 % coverage inside and outside the hot depository and flame scarfing shop via LPR® transponder technology
  • Dynamic safety zones for calculating collision danger depending on movement directions and speed
  • Scalability: Additional vehicles and cranes can be integrated into the system at any time