Public Transportation, Bus & Long-Distance Rail Traffic

Customer-specific systems for data capture/recording and reliable position detection

(Long-Distance) Train
Energy Metering/Telemetry
Bus Depot

Efficient data handling and at the same time fast, reliable and accurate positioning are typical requirements for railway and bus applications. Integrated Symeo positioning solutions can be used for:

  • Capturing and recording telemetry data
  • Monitoring and managing intermodal terminal operations
  • Optimizing vehicle and driver depot schedules and operations
  • Tracking the energy consumption of traction units operating in cross-border rail traffic networks

Symeo supplies robust GNSS and wireless-based LPR® systems for position detection applications. Symeo products, which also feature the capability to capture, record and transmit various telemetry data, are manufacturer-independent and compatible with the most common depot and fleet management systems.

The Symeo Positioning Unit (SPU) automatically and reliably detects the position of buses or trams within a depot in real-time, even down to the exact parking spot. The SPU is easy to install and configure and transmits parking coordinates and other vehicle information. If desired, the WiFi-independent LPR® data channel can be used for transmitting the data.

If the vehicle is on the road, as an option the SPU can also dynamically detect the position using GNSS satellite technology and then forward the information via mobile radio.

Symeo furthermore offers the data handling system DATROS, which is especially designed for European rail system applications. DATROS is certified in line with the norms 50121, 50155 and EN 45545. Apart from reliably transmitting the energy consumption data, DATROS also detects the train position with a high level of precision. Measurement data can be stored for up to one year.

The telemetry and positioning unit can be customized to meet the individual needs of the customer.

Reference Examples
Düsseldorfer Rheinbahn AG
Hamburger Hochbahn AG
MATISA Matériel Industriel S.A
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