Seamless Position Detection for Cranes & Transport Vehicles and Reliable Anti-Collision Systems

Optimized warehouse processes, reliable operations, automated crane management

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Metal products such as slabs, coils, heavy plates and metal sheets are usually stored in large indoor facilities and on outdoor grounds. Complex sites and profuse steam and smoke, in addition to vibrations and extreme temperatures, place high demands on sensor technology installed in these harsh steel environments.

To meet these challenging requirements, Symeo developed a range of sensor systems designed for distance measurement, position detection and anti-collision applications, as well as for WiFi-independent, wireless data capture and transmission solutions. Symeo products, which are suitable for any type of transport vehicle including cranes and slab carriers, can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. Our solutions are robust, maintenance-free, easy to install and feature extended operating ranges.

Symeo's precise position detection systems are deployed around the world by the metal and steel industry in a variety of applications:

  • Anti-collision
  • Automated crane management
  • Logistics and transport management systems

Our satisfied customers include leading solution providers, crane manufacturers and international metals/steel manufacturers.

Let us help you select the right sensor technology for your application, whether you need a simple 1D measurement path for detecting the position of cranes, or a complete turnkey anti-collision system that includes data transmission capability and analysis software.

Reference Examples
AG of Dillinger Hüttenwerke
China Steel Corporation (CSC)
Gerdau S.A.
Hoesch Hohenlimburg GmbH
Salzgitter AG
Severstal International
Tata Steel
Tenova S.p.A.
ThyssenKrupp Steel AG
voestalpine Stahl