Reliable Sensor Technology for Position Detection, Collision Avoidance and Volume Flow Control

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The transport and automated loading/unloading of bulk material places high demands on the availability of systems suited for motion tracking. Given the dust, dirt and various weather conditions common in such environments, wireless sensors are an effective solution because the maintenance-free functionality leads to lower costs and prevents downtime.

Symeo offers GNSS and wireless sensors for contactless 2D position detection, as well as wireless 1D distance measurement sensors featuring radar technology.

With their extended range and accuracy, these products are well-suited for a wealth of applications in outdoor and covered environments (i.e. tunnels):

  • 3D profile and volume flow measurements of stockpiles
  • Anti-skewing control of scrapers/stackers
  • Collision monitoring between moving equipment (cranes, wheel loaders, excavators) and stationary equipment/objects (conveyers, infeed hoppers, containers)
  • Dynamically tracking the relative position of equipment to one another (chutes/hoppers, excavators/trucks, ships/ship unloaders)
  • Monitoring conveyer volume flows and system functionality
  • Telemetry data collection for fleet management applications
  • Safety zones, such as in the vicinity of stockpiles and infeed hoppers

Download Application Sheet Mining/Bulk

Application Sheet: Transport Conveyor Material Detection by the Passive Radar System LPR®-1DHP-R

Open Pit Mining, Mine, Coking, Garbage Incineration Plants

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