Reliable Distance Measurements, Position Detection and Telemetry Data ensure Streamlined Processes

Local Positioning Radar (LPR®) fills the gaps in industrial sensor applications

Symeo products have proven effective in numerous automation and process optimiziation applications across a wide range of industries.

Below is a small sample of where and how our technologies are being deployed:



  • Automated crane systems used at garbage incineration    plants                                                                        
  • Measuring the operational position of agriculture machine implements and accessories
  • Drilling depth measurements at large-scale mining operations



  • Detecting the position of floats used in industrial facilities
  • Automated lawn mower navigation         
  • Detecting and differentiating identically-constructed precast concrete tunnel elements located in temporary storage areas
  • Paper roll transporter tracking
  • Service vehicle and equipment tracking on airport tarmacs
  • Vehicle movement tracking in test areas
  • Detecting products at the automatic transfer point
  • Integrated terrain measurement technology for construction vehicles and equipment



  • Measuring the extension length of vehicle crane telescope booms
  • Obstacle detection for rail-bound vehicles

Agriculture, automation, automotive, construction materials, farming, heavy construction, logistics and warehouses, pallet-storage, power plants, production, waste-to-energy plant .... What is your industry?

Where do you need distance measurements? Where do you need robust, maintenance-free solutions? Where do you need reliable positioning systems? Regardless of the answer, there is a good chance that Symeo has a solution for you, whether it's based on the wide range of applications supported by our standard products or an individual solution customized to your specific functionality and order volume requirements.

We deliver. You can count on it.

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