Dynamic Vehicle Positioning and Measurement Data Capture

Safe goods and personnel transport, streamlined operations, reliable automation

Construction Machines
Rail-Bound Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles

The manufacturing, agriculture and road construction industries rely on a wide range of vehicles and equipment to transport goods and personnel, all of which have one thing in common: optimizing and automating the processes requires highly-precise position detection and reliable telemetry systems.

Positioning solutions from Symeo enable the implementation of seamless position detection and anti-collision systems for free-ranging and rail-bound vehicles in realtime. Our LPR®-2D technology detects the position of vehicles even in environments where satellite-based systems prove ineffective, or in areas where weather conditions make optical solutions too unreliable or extremely high-maintenance, such as in narrow aisles and corridors or in the vicinity of buildings and ship unloading cranes.

Symeo GNSS and LPR®-2D positioning systems are maintenance-free and suitable for all types of vehicles. They can even be used to detect the position of approaching aircrafts and for localizing personnel.

Apart from tracking vehicles and personnel, vehicle operating data is also frequently required. With fault-tolerant telemetry systems from Symeo, vehicle parameters and telemetry information such as position, speed, driver ID, load status and energy consumption can be captured and transmitted with a high degree of reliability. The measurement data can be forwarded to a higher-level software control system for analysis using a customer-specific communication protocol.

All of these systems are designed for permanent external mounting and continuous operation, even under harsh weather conditions.

Typical applications:

  • Anti-collision systems
  • Depot management systems (bus and tram)
  • Passive distance sensors for height measurements
  • Unmanned/autonomous vehicles
  • Vehicle position detection for goods tracking

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Reference Examples
Düsseldorfer Rheinbahn AG
Hafengesellschaft Brunsbüttel mbH
Hamburger Hafen and Logistik AG (HHLA)
Hamburger Hochbahn AG
ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
Rail Cargo Austria AG
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