The LPR®-1DHP-350 – A Rugged Close-Range Radar Distance Sensor

Small. Affordable. Precise.
The new entry-level model from Symeo

The perfect entry into the industrial use of radar up to 100 meters, the Symeo LPR®-1DHP-350 radar sensor system is the latest member of the patented LPR® series. Affordable and light, it is enabling users to explore new fields of radar application.

Measuring a tiny 90 x 90 x 35 mm, the impressively compact LPR®-1DHP-350 can be installed where no radar system has ever fitted before.

Applications for the LPR®-1DHP-350 are extensive - for example, it is perfect for replacing ultrasonic sensors measuring distances or detecting obstacles, that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, weather, and contamination.

Utilizing a 120 GHz frequency range for high precision, it is reliable and rugged, maintenance-free, and especially suitable for adverse, harsh environments. With a ProfiNet interface, integrated power over ethernet (PoE), and dedicated web user interface, the sensor system is incredibly convenient to implement.