Robust Distance Measurements for short, medium and long Ranges in the Millimeter Domain


LPR®-1DHP-291 by Symeo - an evolution of the well- proven 60 GHz technology - ensures highly precise, robust and maintenance-free distance measurements for short, medium and long ranges. With the same compact and light form factor as its predecessor LPR®-1DHP-290, the new wireless sensor system achieves measurement accuracies in the millimeter range by using the latest ultra-wideband technology. Due to its superior robustness, the maintenance-and-wear-free LPR® radar technology, the high-precision measurement results, the LPR®-1DHP-291 radar distance sensors are the ideal solution for crane automation processes in harsh industrial environments.



LPR®-1DHP-291 features at a glance:

  • Contactless distance measurements via radio waves for short, medium and long ranges
  • Latest ultra-wideband technology for measurements in the millimeter range
  • Flexible bandwidth modes for optimal accuracy and range
  • Highly robust
  • Impervious to dirt, harsh weather and vibrations
  • Maintenance- and wear-free radar technology LPR®

Process Optimization

Ideal for the improvement of the following operation processes in heavy industries:

  • Semi-automatic and fully automated crane movements by exact crane positioning
  • Process control, process automation and process monitoring
  • Transport and logistics management
  • Goods tracking
  • Production processes
  • Collision avoidance


The radar distance sensors are available in three different variations:

  • Primary radar: robust short-range distance measurements in the millimeter domain
  • Secondary radar: robust medium-range distance measurements in the millimeter domain
  • Diversity radar: robust long-range distance measurements in the millimeter domain with highest accuracy
Versatile Application

The LPR®-1DHP-291 can be used in these industries

Metal Steal


Mining Bulking Bearbeitet 230505


Container Terminal

Container Terminals



Airports Bearbeitet 230505




Municipal Utilities

Municipal Utilites



Technical information


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