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Other Symeo Products and Accessories

Customer and country-specific products and solutions

LPR®-1D - Flexible position detection with high range (certified for operation in India)

Symeo's LPR®-1D radar-based distance measurement system determines distances up to 1800 meters with centimeter accuracy, contactless and in real-time. The 5.8 GHz sensors are certified for operation in India and are particularly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments where other systems, such as mechanical rotary encoders or lasers, do not work consistently.

Other Symeo products

If you have any questions regarding products and systems of previous generations such as LPR®-1D radar sensors or LPR®-2D, please contact the Symeo Sales Team.

Symeo accessories

For each application the suitable equipment: for all products Symeo GmbH offers its customers a variety of additional components such as antennas, mounting accessories and cables. The individual parts can be provided for the customer specifically for his wishes and needs. If you have any questions, please contact the Symeo Sales Team.