Robust Radar Sensor Technology for Distance Measurements

Precise long-range distance measurements suitable for indoor and outdoor industrial applications

Symeo LPR®-1D sensors enable precise distance measurements for a broad range of applications. The position of electric overhead traveling cranes (EOTs) can be precisely detected in steel works with a single pair of sensors for instance. Two sensors are also sufficient to track the location of open pit mining stackers with centimeter-accuracy and in realtime over a distance of more than 1,000 meters. And using only one sensor, the distance to a wide variety of reflective targets can be precisely measured.

Symeo´s Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) work with patented LPR® radar technology and operate interference-free in outdoor environments even if they are exposed to sun, heavy precipitation, fog, or dirt and grime. Local Positioning Radar sensors operate in the license-free ISM radio bands. Adjacent wireless data networks can be run at the same time without the risk of interference.

In addition to the distance measurements, the sensors also transmit the relative speed of the targets. As an option, other data e.g. related to the operational state of the crane - height of the crane hook, weight, temperature - can be transmitted at the same time across the LPR® measurement channel. With nearly all Symeo products, the measurement data is available at the interface of each device connected to the system.

All sensors feature an extremely robust design and are easy to install. They can also be quickly configured and commissioned with the Symeo Wizard software delivered with the instrument.

Typical applications for Symeo 1D sensors include:

  • Position detection for cranes and rail-bound vehicles
  • Anti-collision
  • Crane automation
  • Process optimization
  • Lifting height measurements for forklifts
  • Height measurement of spreaders
  • Data transmission





Up to +/-9 mm 1)

up to +/-0.5 cm 1) 2) 3)
+/- 2.5 cm 3)
Range Up to 100 m 2)
Up to 500 m 1) 2) 3)
1,000 m 3)


Measurement principle


Reflector/pairwise/2x pairwise Pairwise

121 - 123 GHz

57 - 64 GHz 24 GHz
Data transmission via wireless channel No No Yes

Small Form Factor

Measurements in the millimeter domain


1) Error under consistent ambient conditions, depending on the measurement distance and the measuring mode.
2) Depending on the environment, the selected bandwidth mode, and the target‘s backscatter characteristics.
3) Optional, depending on product version purchased. For more information, please see the product documentation available in the “Partner Login” area at www.symeo.com or from the Symeo Support.

Position detection crane trolley

Distance measurement crane