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Your partner for state-of-the-art sensor technology

We develop and manufacture Next-Level-Radar sensors as well as complete radio-based systems for position detection and distance measurement in real time for industrial applications. In addition, we offer reliable solutions for collision avoidance. Nationally and internationally, we work closely with original equipment manufacturers, system integrators and technology partners.

Guiding principles andcompany values

Next-level-sensor solutions for a world of evolving autonomous systems and digital transformation.
Symeo is expediting the evolution of autonomous systems and the digital transformation with high-end Next-Level-Radar solutions designed for the most demanding environments.

What inspires us

A world of coexistence, where interactions and cooperation with autonomous systems are favorable and beneficial for everyone – everywhere, always, and instantly.

What motivates us

Delivering impactful next level radar solutions that make the difference in operations and efficiency for our customers – reliably and sustainably.

What drives us

To be a valued investment for our customers’ expenditure and our employees’ time by delivering an unrivaled customer experience based on our Company Values.

Our Corporate Values

We are engineers.

Being an engineer is part of our Symeo DNA. It defines how we are and what we do. It influences our business relationships with customers, our cooperation with business partners and the way we collaborate as a team. It impacts the products and solutions that we invent. It defines our role in society and how we manage the environment and resources.

Technology is our passion.

We invent, design, and build highly sophisticated technical products. 
We are open-minded and curious. We are eager to study. We are continuously building on our experience and expanding our expertise. We share our knowledge and learn from each other. We carefully listen to our customers and business partners. We anticipate the future. Bundled with our ingenuity, we create applicable innovations, user-oriented solutions, that help making things better for our customers.

We care about the impact of our doings.

We are dedicated to creating the best products. We keep customer needs on our radar and provide impactful, durable, and accurate answers. We only stop when our high-end solutions provide real added value.

Challenges fuel our creativity and spur us on to respond quickly and flexibly. Respect and fairness connect us with our partners long-term. Trust and attentiveness ensure a strong team spirit in our corporate family, give us room for development and create fair working conditions.

We embrace conscientiousness.

We are prudent and mindful. We run our company diligently. We manage the environment and resources carefully and responsibly. Our corporate strategy is designed for the long term.

This orientation makes us a reliable partner to our customers, a well-coordinated team, and a family with strong cohesion for all our employees as well as an esteemed member of society.

With "Made in Germany" we make a promise to commit ourselves to quality, to comply with standards, to follow environmentally friendly development and production processes and to ensure durability and sustainability of our products and solutions.


ISO 9001

“Our commitment to quality and continual improvement is certified”.

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