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Download Product Documentation & Manuals

Thank you for buying a Symeo product!

In this download section you will find all the latest files and documentation for operation of your purchased Symeo device. Please always use the latest version of the files and documents. To download the technical documentation and the corresponding tools, please click on the desired document and follow the instructions.

Documentations suitable for previous firmware and hardware versions as well as obsolete products can be found in the download archive.


Please be aware:

That firmware updates may reset current settings and change the performance of the updated devices. Firmware updates should therefore only be conducted by trained personal or after consulting Symeo support and should always be performed on all cooperating devices simultaneously. Furthermore, the version of the used GSDML file must correspond to the new Firmware version.
Firmware downgrades (i.e., a change to an older Firmware release) must not be performed as this could harm the unit.

LPR®-1DHP-350 (Model Number BSX300350):

AVR-QDM-110 Evaluation Kit (Model Number BSS102594):

LPR®-1D (Model Number BSB000203):

LPR®-1DXi (Model Number BSB000900):

LPR®-2D (Type A, Model Number BSA/TPA/PUI):

LPR®-SAT (Model Number BSB000990):

STU (Model Number BSG000991):

If unexpected problems should occur or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team (