Highly-Precise Real Time Location for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

GNSS and radar-based LPR®-2D systems: precise and reliable position detection, even in difficult environments

By using the Symeo GNSS and radio based LPR®-2D systems in conjunction with the Symeo SensorFusion concept, seamless and full-coverage position detection in realtime e.g. of cranes and vehicles is possible even in difficult industrial environments. GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System, of which three are currently in operation: GPS, Galileo and Glonass.

Symeo GNSS enables reliable position detection for outdoor applications provided that the system has line of sight access to sufficient numbers of satellites.

The LPR®-2D system operates in the 5.8 GHz wireless range and enables highly-precise detection for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Local Positioning Radar Technology is also well-suited for crane and vehicle automation systems. Measurement accuracy of the Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) is unaffected by precipitation, dirt and grime, dust, vibrations or sunlight.

If you need an individualized positioning solution for a special application, whether it involves cranes in steel production and bulk material handling, bus depot operations, cross-border rail traffic or container terminal transport vehicles, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Typical applications for Symeo GNSS and LPR®-2D systems include:

  • Collision avoidance
  • Crane and vehicle automation
  • Detecting the position of cranes, as well as rail-bound and free-ranging vehicles in realtime (Real Time Location)
  • Production and logistics process optimization
  • Depot management and fleet system optimization
  • Recording data for telemetry and status monitoring purposes
  • Data communication

Product LPR®-2D  
SPU-L  / SPU-S  
Accuracy depends on environmental conditions:
+/- 5-20 cm *
SPU-L: +/- 0,5 m *
+/- 2,5 m (CEP) **
+/- 2 m (CEP) **
+/- 40 cm (CEP),
P (95%): 0,83 m ***
Measurement technology
Environment indoor and outdoor
indoor and outdoor
outdoor outdoor
Features highly-precise   
compact design    
no reference
station required

*provided that >= 6 LPR® transponders with required signal quality are available
**provided that >= 8 GNSS satellites are received with unobstructed/uncorrupted signals (no multipath)
provided that >= 8 GNSS satellites are received with unobstructed/uncorrupted signals (no multipath) with a GNSS base station according to Symeo specification (antenna cable and reference antenna) that provides GNSS correction signals to all GNSS receivers within a 5 km radius from the base station

definition x meter CEP: 50% of all positions in a circle with radius x meter
definition P (95%) x meter: 95% of all positions in a circle with radius x meter

LPR®-2D position detection

GNSS position detection