Success Story with Rail Cargo Austria AG

Exact Positioning for Rail Cargo Austria

Satellite-based GNSS system
Freely moving reach stackers
Rail-bound RMG cranes

"We are delighted with the solution. All technical and operational specifications were met. Symeo has proven itself as a competent and reliable partner and complied with all performance and scheduling requirements." (Rail Cargo Austria AG)

The challenge:
Amid growing intermodal traffic, Rail Cargo Austria AG wanted to enhance the efficiency and throughput optimization in its Wels container terminal. For this purpose, the handling of loading units (containers, swap containers, semitrailers) between road and rail had to be automatically detected and shown on the terminal operating system on-site. From unloading and interim storage to loading, the need to ensure reliable tracking of containers was key: within freely mobile reach stackers as well as rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMG).

The solution: The reach stackers and RMG cranes were equipped with Symeo GNSS. A local GNSS reference station ensures the required positional accuracy (accurate to within ± 1 m). Via additional ultrasound and inductive sensors, load changes on the reach stackers are detected. The positioning system is designed to be flexible and expandable at any time with non-satellite based LPR®-2D, which can help iron out any subsequent signal white spots that emerge in areas where GNSS signal reception is poor (e.g. close to high buildings). The transmission of the measurement data via ZigBee broadcasts eliminates the need for complex cabling on the telescopic boom of the reach stacker.

The project´s success: Wels has used the Symeo container positioning solution in the first rail cargo terminal, throughout which availability of 99.9 percent has been achieved. Due to the success and thanks to the potential of the Symeo system to also be flexibly adapted to locally differing circumstances, this application was implemented at additional terminals of the Rail Cargo Austria group.

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Facts & Figures
  • Robust GNSS solution with >99 percent availability in Wels
  • For accurate container location
  • Flexible GNSS system, expandable with LPR® for areas without reliable GNSS reception
  • Simple to retrofit
  • Optimized for rugged industrial environments and reliable operation regardless of weather and prevailing ambient conditions
  • Maintenance-free, open system with a high level of automation
  • Clearance of up to 800 trucks and 800 goods wagons daily